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Thank you for taking a moment to swing by my website. I am currently in the middle off a massive upgrade. I have taken some much needed time away from my YouTube channel due to some personal reasons. If it were up to me, I would tell you guys now, but since it’s not just about me here, I’m not sure if and when I’ll be able to tell you in more detail. Though needless to say, it is nothing legal or to do with my job or my boat giveaway. My world has been rocked completely off its axis and I’ve found it hard to focus on what I LOVE TO DO..

Electric Knife Sharpener

Eversharp 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener by Presto Product Review (non-paid) in 4K. Dee was complaining that we needed to purchase new knives for the house. I knew the ones we had just had to be sharpened, so decided to buy a sharpener from Amazon.Overall I am quite happy with the results for about $42 I believe.The

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Reviewing Amazon Products

Some months ago, I noticed that my entire product purchasing history was available in my account settings on Amazon. I have been hearing about the benefits of reviewing products here and wondered how hard it might be. For my wife and I, out amazon purchases only seem to grow year after year, so decided to revisit my

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Powerful 16x52 Monocular

Miluo Tech 16x52 Dual Focus Monocular Telescope / Monocular Scope for Hunting, Camping, SurveillancePowerful 16x52 Monocular with 22 Degree Viewing Angle with Hidden Extra Benefit!I grew up watching the stars and wildlife with my dad in the back garden through a pair of binoculars. I have some now, but they are not good. I

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