S3Stat Analytics for CloudFront and Amazon S3

Thinking of using something to track your Amazon S3 files?? THIS is awesome. New lease on the life of my podcasts and beyond!  For some years now I have had podcasts, and have used Google Feedburner to track my podcast usage. At the very best, I was underwhelmed at the response I seemed to be getting and over a period of time, I would lose enthusiasm to keep up the steam to keep on keeping on as I just was not seeing the numbers to keep my efforts going.

Then one day I am minding my own business and searching the web for one thing when I fall across another thing altogether, and my interest is piqued! 3 days later I am using S3Stat.com and what I am seeing is changing the very way I look at what I love to do. What does it do you might ask? Well, the files I have been hosting on my Amazon S3 account were not easily tracked or easy to follow, to see how many visitors have been downloading my shows.

By Googles Feedburner's records, my brand new show with only 3 episodes so far, had a whopping 28 maximum subscribers to date and that is how many I thought were viewing my files at any length. A little disheartening to say the least.

Viewing the same stats in S3Stat.com and I see the real picture, and WHAT a picture it is! With only 3 shows under my belt for the new podcast, I have had a massive 833 hits on my podcast files, and it is broken down into where in the world these hits are coming from, Time of day, hits per show, daily, weekly and monthly break down, it goes on and on. and by taking the byte size of the files downloaded, divided by the number of hits, I can tell on average just how many minutes per show they have been listening to. Fantastic, easy to understand and access results!Knowing that so many are listening to my show, it gives me the heart and passion to continue with vigor! How incredible! and the best part, the service is very affordable for most. I also have to say that tech support was right on the ball too, helping me within a day or so of my first request and fixed my small issue.

S3Stats Website: https://www.s3stat.com/home.aspx