When I was younger, maybe 23, I had a Datsun 100A. It was a very small and underpowered car, but that did not stop me from trying to turn it into something from a James Bond movie. One of the many things I did to that car was to chop off with a hacksaw the top of the gear stick to insert a video game joystick which was rigged with an electrical switch hooked up to my car battery. When pressed, rockets fired from the front grill of the car, form the engine bay. 

When I press the button on the on the joystick, a firework rocket launched from inside the passenger compartment, through a steel tube which poked out the front of the grill through the engine bay. This launched (very dangerously and precariously) into whatever was in front of me. 

Back then when I worked for a large packaging company called Ashton containers. All of my co-workers did not believe me, so I met them around the back of the building as I drove my little white Datsun 100A to meet them. I had a loudspeaker feature on my CB radio, so as I pulled up, I started the countdown from 10 to 1. As I come close to one, one of my friends at the time (nobby) started to dance in front of the car, saying “hit me, hit me”. I finished my counting “three, two, one…” and I pressed the trigger. The firework rocket launched from the front of the car went in a straight line but upward over Nobby’s head. Thankfully missing him altogether. I don't think anyone expected that amongst the crowd. No one thought my homemade rocket launcher antics would really work, but they certainly did. I have since grown up from those days, (thankfully).

To celebrate (my now) well over 1000 subscribers, and a nod to those oh-so-silly days, I have created a celebratory 1100 matches pyrotechnics display, again triggered by an electrical light switch. This will be my next video :) Stay tuned!