Eversharp 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener by Presto Product Review (non-paid) in 4K. 

Dee was complaining that we needed to purchase new knives for the house. I knew the ones we had just had to be sharpened, so decided to buy a sharpener from Amazon.Overall I am quite happy with the results for about $42 I believe.

The construction of the sharpener is a rigid plastic body.It has 3 Stones of varying grit. Ending on a ceramic stone for that honed finish. The maker claims it to be a precision sharpener, but with the wobble and non-sturdy settings of the blade thickness, it is anything but precision, as you will see in the video.I took 3 knives of varying styles and put them through their paces with the knife sharpener.

At the end of the day, all 3 were much sharper, but 1 knife stood out above the others.The feet of the device should be pliable rubber, to help grip the surface better, though it does have 5 small suction cups to help it not move as it runs.The stones are nicely balanced so that when the spindle turns at high revs, the unit does not wobble.

Amazon Affiliate Link: http://amzn.to/2BiucNl