For quite some time now I have been admiring the Elio Motors new concepts and hoping that someday this will come to fruition. I saw the slick new design and thought how awesome it would be if there was a range of body wraps and modification kits to turn these slick little 3 wheeled vehicles into awesome unique expressions of individuality, perfect for individuals and business advertising.

Many months ago I started designing new ideas for the Elio from sharks to fish, aircraft to spaceships and beyond. I think the eventual release of this vehicle will be the birth of many a new business adventure for people out there.

The possibilities are endless, from interior to exterior. I believe that the beginning of Elio production will be the beginning of many new businesses in the United States and probably around the world. Personally I think I would convert my mine to be some form of advertising for my YouTube channel.

I know that with enough financial backing Elio Motor's will be able to release their much-anticipated three wheeled vehicle. Though at the end of the day, I am not sure if the initial backing they have is enough to launch them into the stratosphere that could possibly await them. I believe they need much more funding for this venture if it is going to be so solid success.

As far as I'm concerned if Elio launches production tomorrow, then I need to seriously consider the eventuality of me purchasing body wrap printing machines so that I can start selling body wraps. I have had so much request that my designs would be created and sold, that I am very sure a new business along this line would be a possible successful. The caveat being that I would certainly need to make sure that the pricing is perfect for the consumer. I have had quotes for body wrap companies to produce these wraps for me, and they naturally cost thousands of dollars, almost half the price of an Elio!

In my research, I have asked potential customers just how much they would be willing to spend on a body wrap for their new vehicle once they are in production. I have had responses saying they would pay no more than a few hundred dollars, but in all reality, I would probably like to try to get the price just under $1000. The funny thing is, for as popular as my customized Elio videos of been with the body wrap body modifications, I have not put a ton of serious time into trying to really finesse the designs. I feel that if I was to put more time into the designing and Photoshop aspects, I would really create something out of this world.

I have also thought about the body modifications aspects of a business for the custom add-ons. And although I could create these body modification kits, the ability to create and sell many of these products at any one time would be a heck of an undertaking. With the body wraps, I can press print and cut, and the plotter will do the rest. With big body kits, it's making the actual add-on customize pieces, casting them, molding them, and then finishing them. These kits would be far more work intensive, making the price exorbitantly much more than the body wraps. There is a possibility of me simply making the plans for the kits to make body modification kits, but not sure if the demand is really there. It all rests on one determining factor, will the Elio be put into production?

We / I certainly hope so!