After some pretty exhaustive searching, I was trying to think how best to create the frame for my electric vehicle (EV). I initially did a search for buggy frames, lightweight aluminum bike frames, and eventually, come across a pretty cool discovery.

It seemed as though a university in the US had already done the research for me and come up with a pretty unique and exciting method to create the frame for my EV. Both lightweight and extremely rigid with just enough amount of flexibility so it wouldn't break in use. I have yet to figure out the steering mechanism and the suspension mechanism for each corner of the vehicle, but feel as though these are minor points at this moment in time Being able to create the vehicle in my garage with the tools that I have is of utmost importance, it will mean that I will not be held up by the manufacturers or other people creating components for my EV.

Creating the frame this way also means that I could possibly create this in sections. Creating portions of the frame that simply bolt together or slot together and then bolted in position. I am beyond excited at this point as slowly the pieces of the possible puzzle begin to fall in place. My first electric powered hub being delivered was quite a surreal moment, as I realize that this venture I have begun has truly begun.

As of this moment I have created an initial concept of the vehicle, but at this point more wrapped up in the look and feel of the finished product, especially the interior. I want my vehicle to be so cool that possibly people would fight over it to purchase it from me when it is complete. The initial EV will travel 20 to 30 miles at 20 to 25 miles per hour no problem. But after this, when the proving of everything is complete is when the real fun will begin.

Though the initial build all of my EV will be a lower powered vehicle, I have conservative estimates that on a single charge it may travel up to 40 miles at 30 miles an hour. I’ll have to do a lot of testing before I put my faith in it and upgrade to faster components. Once I reach that point in the build, I will swap out the wheels and tires for 75 mile an hour hubs (one at each corner) to create the beast, yet still being extremely lightweight, although extremely powerful. I can well imagine that this version of my build of the EV will beat 75 yard race of many vehicles on the street today. Although speed wise, the high end of this vehicle may be about 80 to 90 miles an hour, in reality that's more than fine and highway able at that point. The interior of the EV, as I suggested needs to be so cool looking. It will be based on the Lamborghini concept car which I am more than capable of reproducing in both looks and functionality. I am excited to show off some of my skills and abilities when it comes to this part of the creation.

Finding a place for this vehicle to test drive might be difficult in New Jersey, as I certainly will not be able to drive this on the roads initially. I will have to find a closed track or circuit of some kind where I can do many many laps while testing both cornering and high speed runs, testing the brakes, lighting systems and beyond. So if any of you know a place where I can take the vehicle in the tri-state area on the east coast of the US, please reach out and let me know, I would be very grateful.

This morning I was watching 18650 Li-ion battery explosion and fire videos on YouTube. They are to say the least quite daunting though have fully committed myself at this point to create the car out of laptop batteries that I’m taking apart, I’m using the 18650 Li-ion sources inside. Due to many of the videos, I am seeing on unprotected 18650 batteries, I am strongly considering putting heat sensors in various positions of the battery compartments to indicate when a battery is reaching its danger zone, so that I can take preventative measures or by extinguishing the power systems completely.

Half of the excitement for this vehicle personally is to create a driver cockpit that is otherworldly. All my life I have dreamt of creating a spaceship of some sort, so the adult realization of this dream is pretty cool for me, as it seems I found a new excuse to create something from my childhood.

My initial goals on the creating of this EV was for it to be a two-seater vehicle. But as time goes by and the realization of material costs raise their ugly heads, I see clearly now that it will probably be a single seater to begin. The success of the initial EV would mean I would have finances to create a two-seater version with lessons learned, improved construction, improved electronics, and finer finishing techniques. The next big hurdle for me to get over is the steering and suspension as I am trying not to use too many pre-fabricated parts. 

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