Miluo Tech 16x52 Dual Focus Monocular Telescope / Monocular Scope for Hunting, Camping, Surveillance

Powerful 16x52 Monocular with 22 Degree Viewing Angle with Hidden Extra Benefit!

I grew up watching the stars and wildlife with my dad in the back garden through a pair of binoculars. I have some now, but they are not good. I literally was passing through the Amazon suggested products pages and saw a monocular, but not this model. I began looking for the largest, cheap model I could afford without issue and purchased it.

The Monocular arrived very quickly, a 16x52 version, with a blackish rubberized outer shell which filled the palm of my hand easily. It's large in size compared to many I've owned over the years. This one has a carrying cord screwed into the body, which turned out to be a cool little bonus hidden feature I don't think they counted on. Since you can unscrew the carrying cord, it would allow for an 1/8 inch screw to be used as a tripod mount to hold the monocular still as you used it. Like a shooters scope for checking shot accuracy.

I will be certainly making a small tripod mounting head to use this little 1/8" screw thread in the body of the scope.

The other feature I had not realized until I played with it for the 2nd time, was that there is another focal ring mid-body used for some zoom functionality. So you can focus as normal with the eyepiece, but then also have an overall zoom using the midbody ring. This for me was very cool as it gave the scope much more range in use.

I tried to focus on something about 5 -7 feet away and it would not focus, but 8-10feet to infinity it works like a rockstar!

The scope is not a tiny item, the dimensions are as follows.
• Length: 5 7/8" or 150mm
• Width: 2 1/8" or 54mm
• Magnification: 16x52
• Weight (in case) 250gms or 8 3/4oz

• Focal Ring
• 22 Degree Viewing Angle
• Zoom Ring (which might simply be another focal ring)
• Rubberized Body Protection
• Carrying handle Cord
• Carrying Pouch with belt loop
• 16x52 Magnification
• Detachable Carrying Cord to Reveal (Unintentional) Tripod Mounting Screw

Bonus Points:
The carrying cord mounting screw can be taken out and can be rigged to mount on a tripod for steady viewing.

In Conclusion:
I have wanted something that is portable, yet didn't make me feel like a fool with overkill binoculars around my neck. it is small enough it fits into my coat pocket without issue. It provides a clear view, with slight distortion around the peripheral edges, with only minimal blurring around those edges, showing the honing of the focal plane is based at the center of the viewed image. It's really quite good overall. The only downplay of this monocular is that the gold printed lettering (as you will see in the photos) was not printed straight on the body. A nice addition might have been a longer cord to hang around your neck on walks in the woods etc. I am quite happy with the price and performance of my new monocular. Yes, I could pay more to get something better, but I would have to pay a lot more, so for me, this. is a great purchase for the price.:)

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