Some months ago, I noticed that my entire product purchasing history was available in my account settings on Amazon. I have been hearing about the benefits of reviewing products here and wondered how hard it might be. For my wife and I, out amazon purchases only seem to grow year after year, so decided to revisit my purchase history and start to review some of these products.

I have learned that you cannot be angry when you write these articles, nor can you be as simple as "this thing was great!" and leave it at that. You really need to dissect a thing in order to have your feedback on a product be deemed as worthwhile for someone to give it a thumbs up. My main problem while looking at most of my purchases is that the things I buy are typically well thought out and I have done my research beforehand. Hence, due to this, many products often have a higher ranking star rating, than silly random purchases.

I talk as openly as I can, often having that item right in front of me when I am reviewing it. I take as many photos as I deem required to get a good scope of what the product is, to help the reader make a choice for themselves. I try not to be wishy-washy in my review, but rather break it down as to why I bought it, what were the considerations and what are the benefits of this particular version etc. I try to give bullet points and headings, although the text entry does not allow making anything, BOLD, Underlined or Italicised. So you do the best you can.

Since I figured that it would be simple to spot a fake review, I draw from my experience with the product I purchased from Amazon. Putting a funny anecdote or sentimental reason as to why this and that. To have the reader bond with me in any way would be nice, so they can tell I'm telling the truth. 

In my bank of remaining products to review, I have hundreds of items left, spanning over 7 years of purchases. The last 3 being my biggest years in having regular items such as vitamins, supplements, tools, art supplies, hand tools, electrical tools, boat making products etc. You can also review products that you cannot verify you have purchased through Amazon. Up to 3 items per week, although you cannot review everything. For some reason, there are restraints on specific items here and there, but that's o.k. 

Since my YouTube channel is also going to have a strong element of video product reviews involved, I really want to expand my reviews in general. I believe it could be beneficial for us all, but only if my words are truthful.

Another benefit of being with Amazon is that I am now in their influencer program, meaning I can place in one handy location, all of the products I show and talk about in social media, and have them for whenever my viewers are ready to check them out. The handy dandy link Amazon has given me is:

This means I am also an associate, where the products I help sell, give me a very small kickback to my personal account. For example, I might receive 1-5% depending on what you purchase for yourself. You pay absolutely no extra for an item, but in doing so you help push a few pennies my way to say thank you for your content. This money will then toward purchasing new memory cards, camera upgrades and paying other bills I need to, in order to keep everything ticking along nicely. But as of this very moment, I think I received maybe $24 in thank you's from my amazing viewers.

So if you are thinking of buying anything on Amazon, simply the products listed below and then find that thing you are really after. I won't know who purchased a thing, but those few pennies will trickle my way and help me expand in all the right ways. :)