I'm not happy people. My last video was an update on SONY's new DSC-RX100 MK4. I decided to rent one from Lensrentals.com without reading a single thing about the specs on the camera, so I was blind going in. I have no issue with that, though many of you on the comments certainly seem to. (some of you really getting overzealous in your anger and upset - silly people)

I have to tell you I was floored discovering that the new mk4 had a 5 min limit and after 3 or 4 times of recording in an air-conditioned room, the Sony RX100 mkiv powered off due to overheating. - Well, that sucked!

To have a camera that records in 4k and turns off after a few times recording is not worth the price in my book. And to be honest, it should be stated that the camera should not be used more than 3 or 4 times with half an hour as it will overheat. That's like buying a car that will only go to the corner shops before having to fill her up again!

People's pre-occupation with my not having read the specs is crazy! hehe, It's laughable really. Though only a handful got out of hand, and one I had to block completely as there was simply no rationalizing with the fool. He was determined to try to prove me wrong on almost every level. But the only thing that "Antonis" did was to show how infantile his efforts were... Sad.

The specs on the Sony RX100 Mk IV are formidable on such a compact camera, the image quality is amazing and I still drool to have it in my repertoire, but I require something that is compact and also records 4K, so it looks as though I need to step up in size and look at the Panasonic GH4 which with a converter, will take my current range of Canon glass. I realize this will change my f-stop abilities, but I’m using studio lighting, so not a big deal at all.

My 2 current mark 3’s will continue to do the work for me on my channel. They are little workhorses that I have been so extremely happy with. Yes, there will always be something newer and better. But for now, with the funding as it is, I will stay with what I have. People have been upset that I would even DARE to try to press the record button after the recording stops after 5 minutes, to try to work around its time limit. But this technique has worked flawlessly on the SONY RX100 mike’s, that I thought I would give it a shot. Hey! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Here is the camera review I gave on the mk4 from lens rentals.com