I'm in love with my Sony RX100MK3. Today for the first time I began playing with applications for my DSCRX100MK3 hoping to bring yet another level of coolness to the already full-featured powerhouse of a pocket camera. An expensive piece of kit, weighing in at about $900, but my YouTube channel has already paid for that and then some.

I intend fully to create a user review and tutorial at some point but really wanted to dig deeper to see just what this camera could do. So many have already reviewed this little beast, and I did not want to make yet another similar video like the rest. So you can expect that at some point.

I had to update the firmware and in the past, with other cameras, it was always a big issue. It felt a bit daunting to even think about performing, to be honest. I'm very familiar with working on a Macintosh computer, but I never updated the firmware on a camera before and did not know what I was in for. I visited the Sony website, chose my camera and navigated to updates page, where I found four pieces of software that could be used for my Sony. 

After a few attempts at trying to update my firmware, I realized I was not following the screen instructions for the update. So finally after following the instructions Word for Word, I had a successful firmware update procedure. It took a little while, but I let it do its thing. I updated from version 1.02 version 1.2 for the firmware on my SonyRX100MK3. I am already a member of the Sony entertainment website for my PlayStation 3, so it was easy to visit the website, find my credentials, then access the applications portal on my camera and login to download some cool new apps for my camera. 

To be honest I had no idea that my camera had this ability. I was caught up in simply using it every day. Taking photos, shooting a video for my channel etc. One night I was watching a video on YouTube and saw that someone had downloaded an application that would take photographs every so many seconds, and all the settings could be edited to the user's preference. This really excited me as I would like to do some night time time-lapse photography, capturing stars, flying aircraft and what have you. I think this will open up a whole new avenue of videos and photography that until now I had not even thought about.

I also downloaded Sony's capture one app for my Mac. As soon as my camera completes is updating, I will open up the app to see exactly what it does, although I do have three or four very good photograph editing applications on my Mac already including Photoshop CC. While I am writing this the camera is still updating but is more than halfway to completion. Hopefully, the screenshots that I have taken are able to be edited so I can place some on this blog post for you to see.

I am also going to update the wireless auto imports function, but the firmware needs to be updated first. While in the App Store, I saw other interesting features that I might have to explore. Pricing for these seems to range from free to $5 - $10. From time-lapses to stars streaking across the night's sky, I can’t wait until the weather is warmer, so I can capture the night sky in all its glory. I strongly recommend that if you are wanting to update the firmware on your RX100MK3 that you read line by line of the instructions clearly so that you do not make a mistake. This will save you a lot of headaches and a lot of time. I was sweating it for a little moment there as I thought something had gone terribly wrong. 

The neatest feature I now have all updates and installations of new apps is the ability to open PlayMemories on my iPhone and place my camera within 20 feet of me and take photos remotely. Using this method, I have been able to get extremely close to my cats and unsuspecting family members as I take their photo without their knowledge.

The firmware update for file update_DSCRX100M3V120.DMG is 200 MB in size it can be downloaded at the link given here below and link. You will need Mac OS X 10.10