18650 lithium Ion rechargeable batteries on youtube right now are a very hot topic, and for a very long time I have wanted to create an electric powered bicycle. After scouring the Internet and finding many cool resources, I finally stumbled upon Rinoa Super-Genius and his range of videos using reclaimed computer battery packs and the 18650 batteries that are inside of them. My interests were piqued as my dreams were finally a financially viable goal using this method.

After purchasing a bunch of the batteries from eBay I began taking them apart. I finally had enough to create my very first battery pack using the 18650 lithium Ion battery batteries and following the instructions of Rinoa Super-Genius YouTube videos. As time passed, my plans have grown more and more. To a degree now that I wish to create a 4 wheel drive electronic car or vehicle of sorts. This E-Car will be quite powerful and I am sure it will go a little bit more than the 35 mph due to four powered hubs driving the vehicle. I have even considered creating a gear system so that the four electric powered hubs are geared to create possibly a 60 to 90 mph E-Car. I realize that living in the state of New Jersey, there are more laws here than other places in the United States. But I am determined to create a vehicle that will make me go about 50 to 60 miles an hour.

Eventually, the plan is to create a vehicle that would drive 300 miles on one charge. My reasoning for this is that my daughter meets me 200 miles from here, and it would be nice if I had an extra 100 miles in the charge bank of batteries. At this point, I would need to figure out just how many battery packs I would need to create the appropriate time required to power me at 50 miles an hour for 300 miles. I understand that the cost and weight of batteries might not be worthwhile or possible, but this should not be too hard to figure out. Although building, designing, creating and inventing has been a lifelong passion of mine. And without trying to sound like I’m blowing my own horn, I have been called genius by engineers and experts from past companies have worked for. So I guess, let’s see what happens from the initial build which should take me anywhere from 25 to 40 miles on one charge. Many unknowns at this point as I’ll have 4 wheels each with its own powered hub, or 4 hubs geared to drive something new I design.

The vehicle is going to require a few specific design features. 

  1. High enough so the other vehicles on the road can see me, even if it means placing a flag on a pole flag flapping in the breeze. 
  2. Roll cage or large enough stance that it is firm in it’s center of gravity.
  3. Seatbelt system with possibly two seats, maybe one behind the other or side-by-side, I am not sure at this point.
  4. 4 corner suspension with allow framework and eventual "possible impact protection”
  5. Headlights, taillights
  6. Battery gauges
  7. Charging capacity from mains outlet
  8. Possible solar panel to charge batteries for headlights and tail lights, brake lights, GPS system, Arduino or raspberry pi etc
  9. Disk brakes on all 4 wheels (which presently will be an issue)
  10. Weather Protection? (roof)
  11. Eventual fat tires
  12. more of course...

I think right now what needs to happen is for the E-Car to be created, and from that point, I will see what needs to happen to make it road legal.

As I am a designer and builder/Creator, it means I can really have some fun with the design of this vehicle. Creating something I would love to see on the roads. Although the creation of this vehicle is solely for my YouTube followers and friends which are few, they are growing.

Cree LED lighting will be utilized, with separate battery packs being used to power all auxiliary electrical items. It might even be cool to have a solar panel on top just to recharge things like radio, iPad interface etc. I want this car to be a very unique and cool piece of kit that possibly others would want to buy from me over time. This is a tough state to live in when building a vehicle such as this, as the road ordinance are quite strict and they don't let you get away with much, I can imagine getting pulled over lots by police. Initially, this will be a vehicle to drive on a closed track or off-road situation. Though I should be careful about getting dust and dirt inside the electrical hub of the wheels of which there will be four, which I do not think has been done until now, which is another reason I like the thought of designing an air filtered, enclosed, 4-hub power unit that drives the wheels in other ways than the current center spoke method. You heard it hear first FOLKS!

I will also be sculpting, molding and casting things such as headlamps, tail lights, fenders etc. All part of creating this little beast and you can be there to see it all unfold. All begin well, I will have the summer off as I am a school teacher, hence plenty of free time to get done what I plan to. I even want to create a couple of Raspberry Pi or Arduino modules to perform some onboard tasks.

So if this excites you, the thoughts of building something like this from scratch to completion, then please follow along and watch the journey in its entirety in a series on my channel. I will listen to you, get feedback from my followers, my subs, and adjust my creation on the fly if I need to. With the apps and software that are available today, I think it is very possible to create something that is literally fantastic. I am very excited to be creating this. At the same time, I would also be creating a gravity fed electricity-generating machine that also self-loads and is arguably a perpetual motion gravity fed electricity generating device. This excites me as much as anything else, I feel that this can be achieved and love hearing the naysayers tell me that it is impossible. Like Henry Ford once said, whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't, you are probably right.

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